As a founding member of *NAF, it seems appropriate to kick off 2012 with an acronymic salute to those who know me and of course, as seems apposite for a blogger, to those that I don’t (yet). So **HNY HPY SHPA’s. Here’s hoping this will be a year when my brand experiences will be more positive than not, and a Happy Shopper I too will be.

One of the old truisms of our industry is the extent to which bad or negative experiences are shared and of course the interweb (un)happily promotes such stories. Sitting round the metaphorical campfire this Christmas, with no encouragement from me I should add, various relatives started to re-live tales of woe from their xmas shopping travails. One such experience entailed being requested by retail staff of a well known brand that a faulty item be returned to their sister store up the street so their ‘numbers’ wouldn’t be affected(!) Another similar experience involved being refused the right of return by another store and being asked to travel 30 miles to another store only to be told there was no reason why this request had been made.

A more granular experience of my own related to a freebie promotion from an electronics company for a 3rd party music provider. Having spent the best part of 2 hours trying to extract some value from said offer, it proved impossible to me (user error no doubt) and I gave up. I was then invited to take an online exit interview. Mmm proactive folks I thought, but a classic oversight was the URL for the survey “trial customer churn”. Needless to say it confirmed what I had already concluded.

On that far from positive musical note I will sign off until next week when I will also have worked out my first 7 days of tabulated info of brand interactions. Oh happy days indeed…

*National Acronym Federation

**Happy New Year Happy Shoppers

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