Bring me the Heads of customer experience

[bra-n-dit] noun, a disconnection caused by the inoperability of different communication channels in a consumer context.   A hijacking of positive customer sentiment by the untimely jarring of expectation, experience and satisfaction.

As we collectively leave behind the morass of Blue Monday, I felt it was time for a) another post (slacker!) and b) a clarification of the word I have chosen to signify all that is improvable in the customer experience (CX) world – ‘brandit’.

Watching yet another re-run of a Clint Eastwood western yesterday evening, the usual panoply of frontierless hands working out for the first time where the law starts and finishes, reminded me of the somewhat virgin territories of 21st century customer experience where we grapple with customer journeys being self-generated (by customers) faster than we can brief a multi-media contact centre. Whilst the exec boards who continue to sweat the assets and second guess what customers actually want (notwithstanding commissioning reams of research in the process – to whom I doff my ‘cowboy’ hat).

So CX compadres I lay down this challenge. Bring me your brandits large and small, comely and grim, together we’ll marshall them; sink or swim.

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