Tabular Bells – you heard it here first

You may notice a few bells and whistles on the blog thanks to my friends at (they really are clever technology people!). I have dedicated a whole page to my table of brand interaction data personal to me but relevant I will argue to the marketing world and how good or bad it is at exercising its reach into our daily ploddings. Tabular Bells? I hear you query and rightly so. Well alarm bells may well ring of the dangers of brandits (see previous post) or more positively church bells to celebrate the conjoining in happy matrimony of expectation, experience and satisfaction.

Not one for plodding myself, I will endeavour to update the table monthly and one admission is that the first edition only holds but 9 days of brand interaction data for January 2012. I am in the process of adding in the rest of Jan’s data prior to posting any initial conclusions however early indications are that the bulk of interactions are via email, sales related and irritating – comments please.

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