What I didn’t give up for Lent

Hello again peeps, of course I could say I’d given up posting for Lent so as to come back re-charged and firing on all blogs but then I’d be lying and that’s just not good for anyone including the google truthometer. Well I’m back, and here are some of the things I didn’t give up for Lent:

1 – compiling my list of daily brand interactions (update to come next week) which show an unerring leaning towards email contact and based on the BIRDIE classification system they are 70% plus irritating as opposed to life affirming.

2 – Stripey socks

3 – Just being curious every day about the extent to which brands still don’t get things right when it comes to delivering sensible experiences via any channel in a consistent way (this is the life affirming bit). I am still being offered the chance to buy shirts and ties every day, offered jobs via a site I’m unsubscribed from as they’re without fail always inappropriate, and go on a cruise (I’ve never been on a cruise and made one enquiry last year which has spawned a great expense on marketing various cruises to me since even when the Costa Concordia was in trouble)

All the above kinda leave me with a sinking feeling – get my drift? Whatever happened to relevance, relationship and right time?

4 – Celebrating brands that get things right, wear their heart on their sleeve and have this vital organ properly wired to the blood in its veins so that all touchpoints are part of the same rich breathing body of experience. *Giff Gaff are out there growing their business and delivering service via its customers, bringing a whole new meaning to Care in the Community – more on Social Services next time.

5 – Putting myself out there. Thought I’d try my hand at running a small local event to raise funds for youth cricket and this weekend it kicks off with the first beer festival in my area. Is this a category (beer) for innocent style expansion? I’ll be canvassing the good folks of Cranleigh this weekend.

Rest assured you won’t need to wait another 40+ days for my next post as I’m pulling in the household cavalry to help get me organised and ensure my thoughts make it onto the wonderful world of wordpress.

*Occasionally I will break my golden rule of naming brands and only in the case of positive feedback where genuine excellence needs exposing.

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